Khem Raj Sapkota

Ever since it’s establishment in 2058 B.S. (2001 A.D.) with a slogan “ Our Children, Our Future”. Vijaya Samudayik Siksha Sadan (VSSS) has secured a recognized place among the reputed schools of Nepal. Vijaya Samudayik Siksha Sadan (VSSS) is a secondary School which runs up to grade XII with various subjects under the National Examination Board (NEB). The school follows the student- centered teaching methodology. As per the concept of Vijaya Community Education Co-operative Ltd. (VICES), VSSS is moving a head achieving many hallmarks of quality education. Simultaneously, it is gaining a remarkable reputation and applause from all academic sectors of the society. It is genuinely as the name suggests, a community an English medium schools, a school run by a number of people in a community. Structurally, based on co-operative principles, the school is making its way for a public approach to quality education standing in the position of a service giving institution rather than a profit making one.

Vijaya Samudayik Siskha Sadan (VSSS) envisions to be a reliable academic institution providing diverse a learning opportunities with practical knowledge to help students reach their ultimate goal preserving nationality, cultural values, social norms and the strong feeling of unity in diversity. We have always been committed to provide quality education at affordable cost under cooperative management. We equally focus on holistic development of the students and our students have been doing excellent in various fields.

The school management like to ensure that we will leave no stone unturned to accomplish our goals. We are well aware of the requisites and requirements to make our dream come true for producing competent human resources. In this regard, meet the current requirements, we do believe in continuous improvement. For imparting quality education a child friendly approach is adopted for the holistic development of the learners. We do follow the most updated best practices, have excellent infrastructures with various facilities, a capacity building programs for the teachers and non-teaching staff etc.

We sincerely hope that our students will equipment themselves by all the major attributes with proper guidance and supervision of our teachers and become global citizen to contribute in the all-round development of the nation and the world. We also solicit continued support and cooperation from our valued parent, guardians and other stakeholders.

Rekha Shrestha

Respected guardians, well-wishers and dear students of Vijaya Samudayik Siksha Sadan (VSSS), as the Principal on behalf of all the staff at VSSS, I would like to extend my very warm welcome to you and your child in our school.

I would like to share that I am very fortunate to work with many dedicated, innovative and caring staff members who see their students as their first priority. As an educator, I do believe that a safe and learning environment as the key factors that enable students to achieve their goals. “Our Children Our Future” is the motto of VSSS. Along with this motto we entire school team is trying our best for the excellence in every academic year. VSSS is following the most updated practices and addressing the future needs of our students. The students at VSSS are offered many opportunities to explore their interests and innovate new ideas. We offer many extra-curricular activities and clubs for the students in a safe and nurturing environment. Our main focus is on moral education, discipline and to provide intense care to the student individually Teaching learning methodology are based on project based learning, field trip, international communication and collaboration with various international partner schools around the globe, various ECA (dance, martial arts, fine arts etc.), community based projects etc. which are the hallmarks of our school.

In present context, the schools are to be unique and the realities are challenging. There are external as well as internal factors to influence the future of the students. Our vision is to focus on all the students achieving educational excellence, through new engagement by pursuing “deep learning goals,” which we have referred as the 6 core skills: critical thinking and problem solving; communication and collaboration; creativity and imagination; leadership and personal development; digital literacy; and citizenship along with a responsible community, inspiring teachers and overall family members. We are committed to transfer quality education aiming to provide knowledge, skills, abilities, attitude and beliefs essential for productive and successful life for the students to become strong participants and leaders who can compete in the today’s world community.

So, I earnestly welcome your child in our school and congratulate you for making our school your choice.

Once please do believe on us, we will prove us.
Thank you!