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एसएलसीको दोस्रो दिन रुकुमकै परीक्षार्थीले छोरी जन्माइन्

कमल थापा, रुकुम, चैत्र ८ – एसएलसी परीक्षाको दोस्रो दिन रुकुमकी एक छात्राले परीक्षा हलमै छोरी जन्माएकी छिन्। सदरमुकाम खलंगा स्थित वालकल्याण माध्यामिक विद्यालय सोलावांग केन्द्रबाट परीक्षामा सहभागी सुष्मा कुँवरले परिक्षाकै क्रममा छोरी जन्माएकी जिल्ला प्रहरी प्रहरी किशनसिंह थापाले जानकारी

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The History of computer

Computers have come a long way since the very first models. The earliest computers were the size of entire buildings. Innovations have continued to make computers faster and smaller. Below is a timeline that shows the rich history of the

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Today’s Assembly Quiz Winner is…………………. ANJIL GHIMIRE CONGRATULATION ANJIL !!

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Exam Routine for grade 8 students

There has been a slight change in the new exam routine for grade 8 students this year(District Level Exam).It is as follows Falgun 28…..C. maths/ Falgun 29…..Nepali/ Falgun 30…..Science/ Chaitra 1…..Social studies/ Chaitra 2….Pop. env/ Chaitra 3…Ehp..Pre-voc…computer/ Chaitra 4…C. English/

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Happy Dashain to all Guardians,managements community, teaching and non teaching staffs,students, and all the members of VSSS. May this Dashain brings all the joys and happiness, may your wants and desires be fulfilled. HAPPY DASHAIN

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Happy Dashain to all students , guardians and VSSS family

DashainVacationHome work for Class 5- 10  

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Breakup of Yugoslavia

The Breakup of Yugoslavia refers to a series of conflicts and political upheavals resulting in the dissolution of the Yugoslavia (the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, SFR Yugoslavia, or simply SFRY). The SFR Yugoslavia was a country that occupied a

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Why Co-operative Management only in Vijaya Samudayik Shiksha Sadan?

Total Percent Division Result 458 57.25 Sec. pass 491 61.375 First pass 494 61.75 First pass 641 80.125 Dis. pass 651 81.375 Dis. pass 359 44.875 Third Fail 730 91.25 Dis. pass 670 83.75 Dis. pass 701 87.625 Dis. pass

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