About US

VIJAYA SA MUDAYIK SIKSHA SADAN is a community based educational institution promoted by Vijaya Community Education Co-operative (VICEC) This has proved itself to be the best example of a group effort for quality education meet to the need and demand of community people.

In present context, the country is being restructured reformed and transformed into the federalism as a new experiment of governing system of country, the concept of Co-operative in education can be an important tool in achieving the goals we expected in the new era of federalism in Nepal.

With a slogan “Our Children Our Future” Vijaya Samudayik Siksha Sadan was established in 2059 BS(2003AD). As per VICEC’s concept of Co-operative education, the school is going ahead leaving many hallmarks of quality education, simultaneously, gaining remarkable reputation and applauses from all academic and pedagogic sectors of the society. It is, genuinely as the name suggests, a community school, a school run by a number of people in a community without any support and aid of the government. Structurally based on Co-operative principles, the school is making its way for a public approach to the quality education, standing in the position of service giving institution rather than profit making.

Managerial Structure

VDRC, the parent- organization of this school,  is playing an active role to promote the school. Besides this, there are 10 other leading organizations including   325 individuals as its shareholders. An 11 members school Executive Committee is formed from the general conference of the shareholders and it is authorized with the power to take the necessary decisions for the betterment of the school including appointment of teacher and construction work. Besides this, there is a three member Account Supervisory Committee which monitors the financial aspects of the school.


Vijaya Samudayik Siskha Sadan envisions to be a reliable academic institution in Gaindakot providing diverse learning opportunities with practical knowledge to help students reach their ultimate goal preserving nationality, cultural values, social norms and the strong feeling of unity in diversity.

Salient Features


  1. Highly skilled and self motivated faculty members.
  2. Peaceful and academic environment for learning.
  3. Regular exams and re-exams with prompt feedback.
  4. Facility of a well stocked and a resourceful library.
  5. Free of cost e-mail and internet service to all the students.
  6. Provision of observation torus.
  7. Affordable fees structure.
  8. Extra English improvement and personality developments classes for students.
  9. Spacious and well ventilated class rooms.
  10. Facility of canteen, cycle stand and clean drinking water.
  11. Provision of games and sports and extracurricular activities.
  12. Transportation facility.
  13. A well managed science lab and computer lab.
  14. Provision of learning by dong and seeing approach.
  15. Adequate use of audio visual aids.
  16. Provision of individual counseling for students and frequent parents- teacher interaction programs.
  17. Dual assessment evaluation system (Continuous and terminal exam.
  18. Ample opportunities for career development through different clubs, committees in student level.
  19. Provision of music / dance classes and sports training.